On the ground, taxiing, the P-180’s low-speed “twitchiness” becomes a serious problem.  If you use reverse-thrust to provide your own “push back”, do not touch the brakes to stop;  you will pop the nose into the air and smash your pusher-prop blades into the ground.

Likewise, taxing in a tail-wind results in a plane that where the nose bounces up and down constantly, with sudden left-to-right yaws with little apparent reason.  A cross-wind on taxi requires constant pedal to left or right to steer anything close to a “straight’ line.

So, other than good looks, what does the P-180 have to offer the new pilot?  In a word, speed.

At 240 knots airspeed, it is not uncommon to see speed over the ground over 270 knots.  That means the P-180 will do the “Moncton to Halifax” run in half the time that the C208 will … a mere 44 minutes with the right wind.

The P-180 is a fun challenge, but I’m not sure it is for everyone.  You either have to already be good at flying fast twin-engines, or you have to want to learn this plane.

I’ll have to do the math, but I expect that the P-180 puts Boston and Quebec City into the “Sunday afternoon project” range for me, purely because of it’s speed.  That’s a good way to start learning cruising and navigation at higher altitudes, above 15,000 feet.

So far, based on training and the logged time, I like the P-180.  I expect to be doing the next 20 or so flights with it, until I cross the 20-hour threshold for my first “promotion” at Canadian Xpress.  That will allow me to look at some new planes and stretch a bit further still.

Thanks for reading.  I’d love to hear your comments in the section below.  See you up there!

5 thoughts on “FSX – New Pilot Review – Piaggio P-180 Avanti (P180)

  1. Mark CXA761

    Great write up and congrats on your first few flights at CXA.

  2. Matt Gaboriault CXA029

    Nice review Michel. From what I understand, I think you’ll love the Q400!

  3. Alain

    How and welcome aboard. I can’t wait to see your other post and follow you through your journey

    Vatsim ATO Instructor.

  4. Mike Chute

    Welcome to the BEST Virtual Airline on the web. Enjoyed your article and look forward to more!

    Mike CXA524

  5. Mike CXA362

    Excellent read !

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