About JKL5

The JKL-5 Groupe is a company I own and operate.  The mission for the company is “Enterprise telephony without the enterprise price”.

I started out as an Avaya 3G PBX administrator for a call center, and then discovered Asterisk and realized that the “Big Boys” in the telephony market place were dead and didn’t yet know it.  Essentially, at the time I could divide any price I heard that a customer was quoted by 10 and expect to deliver the same quality and performance and still turn a profit.

Time passed and I wound up working for a serial entrepreneur that decided he was done building custom Asterisk solutions for customers and wanted to get into web broadcasting.  So he signed his customer list over to me and told me to go start my own company.  So I did.  That was where JKL5 started.

These days, JKL5 operates in three distinct spheres.  First, it does VoIP consulting, building customer PBX systems for customers doing cool stuff like wall-sized music player systems that have 24 people dialed in with their cellphones making music together.  The second is hosting a virtual corporate phone system so that small business people running virtual offices, or who just want alternatives to high costs have options.  The third thing we do is host servers for Persony Conference Hosting resellers.

All in all, we’re busy and having fun.  And that is why I keep doing what I do.

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