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Day: June 24, 2014

Ongoing Adventures In Aquaponics – June 2014 Edition, Part 2

Post Views: 142 Picky Pepper Plants As I noted in my video blog post in April , one of the mistakes I made was not understanding the best way to plant my grow beds. For much of the life of the system, the entire thing has been dominated by a forest of 60 cm (28 in) tall pepper plants. This shaded out everything else I planted; we got a couple of beans and a radish before the Great Pepper Rainforest blotted out the sky and cast everything beneath into deepest shadow. The other thing I didn’t clue in on was that peppers are tropical plants. The will not set fruit if the nighttime air temperature drops below 16C (61F). At night during winter, our basement auto-learning thermostat drops the air…

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