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Month: September 2012

The Sauder Diaries On Six Sunday – 30 September 2012

Post Views: 290 From the upcoming “The Sauder Diaries — A Bloodier Rose “: “Irondogs? What are they?” Arietta asked. “It is a mastiff-sized automaton that runs on electricity and is shaped like a hulking dog. They are made of metal, right down to leather-shredding claws. They weigh twice as much as the real animal, so if it knocks you down it can kill you just by jumping on your chest. The metal bodies are usually tough enough to ignore pistols and swords.” If you’re not familiar with “Six Sentence Sunday”, swing over to and take a look. Its a great idea; dozens of authors submitting the punchiest six lines out of existing or soon-to-arrive stories. Browse them; see what hooks you. Hit the “Six Sunday” tag…