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Month: December 2011

REVIEW: “Peatsmoke & Primroses”

Post Views: 277 “Peatsmoke & Primroses” by Fiona Johnson 7 pages, 3 stories (“Love of My Life”, “Together”, “The Whisky Island”) $0.99, Amazon  First, I want to start out by saying that I normally am not into romances, beyond a while of reading my Mom’s Daniel Steel novels. I don’t think these are what most people mean by romantic short stories. They are instead, in my humble opinion, clever flights of human emotion, all related to each other by romance. Are they good? Yes. Easy to dive into, immediately engaging, sufficiently sharp to make you pay attention, and provoking. Kind of like romance-novel potato chips. Are they short? Very. Short enough, in fact, that in every case I was really felt like “where is the rest of the…

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