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The Library

The Library is a collection of stuff I’ve written as fan-fic, or complete first chapters to my new novels.

I had the first three chapters to each novel here via Scribd, but they stupidly concluded that I don’t have copyright permission to do that, so they took the content down.   Which is why I’m not using them much any more.

I hope you like what you read.  Let me know.

Note: Lots of embeds in this page, so give it a few extra seconds to load.  It should be worth it.  :o)


HERO Champions Universe

“Rhineheart & Solaris – A Love Story, Pt.1”
Rhineheart & Solaris – A Love Story – Pt 1

Mechwarrior Universe

“Family Ties”

Family Ties

The Cyberpunk 2020 Universe

“YHZ-13 … Beginnings”

YHZ 13 Beginnings



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