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Month: April 2013

Review – High School Musical “Rocking The Ages”

Post Views: 524 “Rocking The Ages” is an adaptation of the Broadway play “Rock of Ages”, brought into the realm of High School musical. Produced by the Montreal English School Board’s Macdonald High School, it was a remarkably well delivered show which ran from the 18th to the 20th of April, 2013. It’s a delightful and slightly risque return to an era of music that was a herald of a world in the geopolitical closure of one era and the step forward into another; the 1980s. The “80s Music” is the post-punk/ pre-rap window of time where synthesizers and sampler systems were primitive and barely portable, yet beginning to make their influence felt in pop. It was also a period of the glam-rock/ hair-band style which left an…

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