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Duchy of the Mists – The Trouble In Ravenslurk

History & Culture

As the Orc Wars drew to a close, and Humankind and its Elven and Dwarven Allies extinguished the light of the Or’Koren Empire forever in the North Countries. Peace settled on the Human Kingdoms for the first time in twenty generations.  But it was not to last.

Within a generation, the great alliances between Kingdoms began to tatter and tear as the war-depleted mines and farms of the Old World could began to fail from exhaustion.  Idle hands and sagging fortunes pitted neighbour against neighbour.

On the Southern Diamond Coast was the Kingdom of Esrandarius.  Its wise but aging king knew that time for he and his small but proud land was running out.  Once his three northern neighbours had done reducing themselves to but one, the victor would turn on Esrandarius.

He ordered his Sages, Wisemen, Viziers and Astrologers to scour the knowledges of Heaven, Earth, and Nether to find him a solution.  As times grew more and more dark, a Vizier had a vision of a land beyond the great Steaming Sea hidden from the annals of time and history.

The King ordered his greatest Ranger to take the Vizier on the mightiest ship the coast-country had, crewed with it’s most cunning and crafted sailors, and to pursue the vision.  It was regarded a voyage into madness, but all knew the cost of greater failure.

The “Coral Star”, under the command of Admiral Gwalter sailed with Ranger-Lord Aylard and Vizieress Nepianne aboard, and steered south into the uncharted extents of the Steaming Sea.  Seven days from home, more than four days further south than any had dared sail before, Vizieress Nepianne lead the expedition to the start of a small island chain.  They hopped from island to island, charting reefs and shoals, and battling sea serpents and the very Sea itself.

After two weeks the battered and damaged “Coral Star” sailed out of the Mists into sight of what is now Wyrvren Bay, one of the northern most points of the Great Southern Lands.  This was the place of Vizieress Nepianne’s vision.

After further danger and hardship, they found a place for Ranger-Lord Aylard and his company to go ashore.  While the “Coral Star” sailed up and down the coast in either direction by a week, Ranger-Lord Aylard pressed inland due south as far as they could.  At the end of two harsh and dangerous weeks, the two expeditions reunited.  The conclusion was unanimous.  It was a lush and rich land, untouched by anyone, and easily vast enough for the Kingdom of Esrandarius and her people.

Within a year of the Expeditions return to it’s homeland, the Exodus had begun.

  • 22 years ago the South Continent was discovered. It has been slowly settled and explored since.  The Exodus continues;  relocating a Kingdom takes time.
  • Republic based – Ranger-Lord Aylard rules the realm as Duke-Regent.
  • Italian-ren/ Teutonic flavor
  • Religion is per the 3rd Ed Deity list

Adventuring In The Duchy Of the Mists

Who Are The Characters, and What Do They Do?

The Characters are all adventurers of one kind or another.  They are either young Northerners sent here as part of the Exodus, middle-aged Northerners who have sold everything to relocate for one reason or another, or first generation young Southerners.

Each Characters is third level. They have maximum hit points and maximum gold for start. Each Characters can have one 2nd level scroll and one Masterwork (+1 to-hit) weapon… family heirlooms or gifts from their mentors.  Each Character is presumed to have a “Basic Adventuring Kit” that allows for “reasonable” items to be owned without detailed inventory.

  • Young Northerners sent on Exodus have 3 potions of Cure Disease, and Skill: Area Knowledge Kingdom of Esrandarius.
  • Middle-Aged Northerners have 20% more gold, 1 potion of Cure Disease, 1 potion of Cure Serious WoundsSkill: Area Knowledge Kingdom of Esrandarius and Skill: Northern Trade Opportunities.
  • Young Southerners have 10% less gold, Perk: 3 Favours Owed, Perk: I know a guy in Threshold (+2), Skill: Area Knowledge Duchy of the Mists, Skill: Legends and Lore Duchy of the Mists.


  • 400-day year
  • 16 months of 25 days each
  • 5 weeks per month
  • 2 moons, with 24 and 32 day periods, respectively
  • The first day of the calendar year is the first day of spring.
  • Dates are usually journaled in “Month / Day / Hour” format.
  • Lunar Worship common.



A “day” of travel is based on the standard distance coverable by a horse and wagon in a normal, eight-hour period on good roads over flat ground. Thus, 2 miles per hour or 16 miles/ 4 leagues in one eight-hour day of travel.

See pp.143 of the Players Handbook for terrain effects and/ or different rates of travel based on road and transport.

The rough patrol area of any Barony or Province is a 48-mile/ 12-league radius, or 1 day’s travel for light cavalry. Medium infantry move at ¼ that rate.

Places Beyond the Duchy

Steaming Sea & Step Stone Islands

Places Within the Duchy

Seacliff (City)

Capital of Duchy of the Mists. On the shore of Brindel Safe Bay.

Threshold (Town)

10 – 12 days good road travel inland from Seacliff. “Frontier” capital town of sorts. Most local villages and towns use it as a shipping hub from them back to Seacliff. Population 3500 – 3800. There are 4 inns, a half-dozen taverns, a like number of trading posts and a variety of other businesses and services.

Economic assessment: GP Limit: 3,228gp / Cash Reserves: 607,880gp

Bellsburg (Village)

3 – 4 days travel by road inland from Threshold; midway between Threshold and Ravenslurk. 430 people. Village is built upon an extruded granite butte; Dwarven-designed wood-timber ramps reach up the 30’ vertical sides. The village supports enough travelers to justify a 6-room Inn.

Economic assessment: GP Limit: 132gp / Cash Reserves: 2,845gp

Skilled tradesmen include: Fletcher (+6), Blacksmith (+6), Cooper (+1), Carpenter (+3), Leatherworker (+9)

Ravenslurk (Hamlet)

7 – 9 days good trail travel inland from Threshold. 210 people. Sheriff is Lvl:1 Ranger, Hamlet Elders are all the skilled tradesmen of the Hamlet.

Economic assessment: GP Limit: 90gp / Cash Reserves: 976gp

Skilled tradesmen include: Alehouseman/ Brewer/ Vinter (+2/ +4/ +3), Furrier/ Tailor (+3/+1), Shoemaker (+3), Jewler/Chandler (+2/+4), Priest Lvl:1

Wyrvren Bay (Geographic Feature)

Between Steaming Sea and Sea Serpent Bay. Several Wyrvren roosts along the cliffs of its shore.

Sea Serpent Bay (Geographic Feature)

Between Wyrvren Bay and Brindel Safe Bay. Infested with Sea Serpents.

Brindel Safe Bay (Geographic Feature)

Opens to Sea Serpent Bay. City of Seacliff on its shore.


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