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About “The Sauder Diaries”

Diary Entry for April 3rd, 1888

My name is Hans Sauder, of Bremen, Germany. I was born in August of 1866. My family immigrated to England when the Crimean war threatened to destroy everything my father and grandfather had struggled to build.

Today I became an airship pirate. It can be rather unfortunate where life leads you.

That is the opening for “the Sauder Diaries -By Any Other name”, the first book in what I hope to be a set of three.  For the first time in years, I’ve been inspired to start writing again.  This is an episodic set of “snap shot” short stories describing the life of fictional Hans Sauder in a Steampunk airship-pirate adventure-romance.

Hans Sauder, the son of an Industrialist, is aboard a passenger ship heading for Stockholm  when the ship is attacked and boarded by pirates.  The infamous pirate captain makes Hans an offer he cannot refuse.  Thus begins the “diaries”, detailing his travels — the reader is treated to Han’s impressions of events and then gets to see what really happened.

One of the things that I tried to capture with the Diary format was a sense of the very popular “episodic fiction” of the Victorian era.  A lot of popular stories came out in that format in various magazines and so my first effort on Scribd was to to release it “as I wrote it”, about one “Entry” per two weeks.

You can read the first chapter in its entirety on my Scribd page here.

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If you love Facebook, there is even a community/ fan page there.  Drop in and “like” it, if you want.

Hans and the rest of the Bloody Rose have taken on a life of their own, and I am glad I get the chance to write about them.



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