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Month: April 2017

Re-Repaying A Debt To Society

Post Views: 629 So, let’s talk about Johnathin Doehanus. JD, in his youth, fell in with a rough crowd and did 5 years for weapons, drugs and violence. Probably not a nice guy, right? What if it is five years later, and he has kept his nose clean since he got out? What if he applies for a job?  He has got a record; if he says that on the appropriate place on the form and doesn’t get the job … does that mean that he is -still- paying his debt to society? One he has already served time for, supposedly? What if it is ten years later and he has a wife and two kids? What if it is fifteen years later and he is on the news…

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Post Views: 6,364 Last night, as a response to Syria’s Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own civilian population, the United States of America hammered the launching airfield with a massive volley of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM)s. This was, in the words of the US government, a “proportional” response. Here is a bit of TLAM cruise-missile math for you. Each TLAM costs $1,600,000USD. The USA launched 59 from two warships. Let’s ignore the cost of the warships and the crew and the shore infrastructure required to get those two ships to launch position. Let’s focus on the cost of the missiles themselves. 59 x $1,600,000USD == $90,440,000 USD. Price of a plane ticket from Damascus to Seattle for 1 adult, economy class, $630 USD (Expedia).…

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Table Top Character Gaming – IRPG, or Slasher Movie?

Post Views: 606 When you are setting up a table-top game of any kind, as the Referee and /or Story Teller, you have a lot of design decisions to make. Tone, of course, is also important. So are setting and plot. These all define the very experience that the players are going to have. However, one of those qualities that tend to get missed is the level of emotional investment that the players should have in their characters. Some Table Top Character Gaming systems (TTCGs) are incredibly casual about character death. RECON, I’m looking at you. Cyberpunk, don’t think I can’t see you over there, either. When the guns start firing, characters start dying. Some will kill your character in the process of -making- your character; Traveller “Black Book”,…

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