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Category: Law & Justice

Bang-Bang, You’re Arguement is Invalid

Post Views: 1,184 WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, MATHEMATICS, AND CITED SOURCES AHEAD. This blog post may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised. Some people are going to be reading this because came @me in a forum, or Facebook or on Twitter.  If you want to refute what I have to say, link me your blog post in the comments.  If you can’t be bothered putting this much effort into this discussion, please stop talking to me.  Seriously.  I’m done.  I don’t want to hear you. If you’re here because I posted this link to you, then go get your pen and calculator, because we’re going Grade 6 math here. Some folks are going to be here because Google or some other mechanism brought you here. …

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Re-Repaying A Debt To Society

Post Views: 622 So, let’s talk about Johnathin Doehanus. JD, in his youth, fell in with a rough crowd and did 5 years for weapons, drugs and violence. Probably not a nice guy, right? What if it is five years later, and he has kept his nose clean since he got out? What if he applies for a job?  He has got a record; if he says that on the appropriate place on the form and doesn’t get the job … does that mean that he is -still- paying his debt to society? One he has already served time for, supposedly? What if it is ten years later and he has a wife and two kids? What if it is fifteen years later and he is on the news…

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