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Month: February 2020

Failing to Meta-Game Causes Problems

Post Views: 708 Wait, what? Isn’t “meta-gaming” bad? Not usually. Firstly, we need to pin down what I mean by “meta-gaming”. The way I see it commonly used, it means “cheating”. But cheating doesn’t mean meta-gaming. Meta (from the Greek meta- μετά- meaning “after” or “beyond”) is a prefix meaning more comprehensive or transcending — So, “meta-gaming” then, is “actions or knowledge which are more comprehensive or transcend the game space“. It’s on that second qualifier, that I want to focus. Transcend (verb) “to rise above or go beyond the limits of” — Imagine what you might know if your full time job involved climbing a hill twice a day, hunting for glowing mushrooms of energy that, under the right conditions, cured a nasty and fatal…

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What’s To Be Done About TTRPG “Murder Hobos”?

Post Views: 662 One of those questions I see go by on Twitter from time to time is a new Game Master (GM) asking for help in reining in their players whose characters are operating under the “Murder Hobo” trope.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, no, I don’t mean .  Essentially, the reference comes from the fact that most Adventuring Groups / Teams, irrespective of genre / game system, are constantly on the move.  If they use that rootlessness to be a “why not” rationale for killing random bystanders, or anyone who annoys the group, or the merchant that wants to haggle, etc … that’s being a “Murder Hobo”. Firstly, this is a problem at the meta-game level.  I’ll talk more in detail about…

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When Sub-Optimal Is Better in TTRPGs

Post Views: 2,302 For those of you who haven’t heard “Due Respite Media” ( have started a Table-Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) focuses VODcast / Talk-show that runs every Monday night, 9pm Mountain time.  It’s titled “Story Teller’s Studio” and you can catch it live at or the next morning on YouTube at . The driving force behind Due Respite Media (DRM) is Erik Taylor, who you can catch up with on Twitter as @Shrimpiclese .  He’s clearly passionate about TTRPGs and stories, as well as the tight group of awesome people he’s got working with him in his vision for DRM. Thus far, the show has hit episode six.  The conversations are consistently smart and thought-provoking.  It’s done in a curated-table format, with Erik putting questions…

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