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Month: March 2015

Beyond 600 – A Learning Experience – Part 2

Post Views: 325 “No plan of battle survives contact with the enemy” — Murphy’s Laws of Combat So, as I said in my previous post, I had a problem with the “Core” of my Rocket Mass Heater (RMH).  This is the concept design I started with:   If you take a look at how the bricks for the Burn Tunnel are put together, you’ll see that  they use a technique called a “boat builder’s corner”. The idea is that each piece is attached at the corner to simplify construction as well as “lock together” strength. If you look carefully at the Burn Tunnel image, you’ll note that one cuff is “backwards” to the other.  That’s intentional.  It means that the seams don’t line up, so when the are stacked vertically, there is…

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Beyond 600 – A Learning Experience

Post Views: 1,166 So I had a brickwork issue with the rocket stove that has resulted in me deciding to do some surgery and determine how well this thing has been running. The “manifold” area is badly designed and now that I understand basic masonry and high-temperature gas-flow behaviour, I can clearly see it needs to be replaced. So, I broke the adobe up with a hammer and chisel to be able to lift the barrel cover off. Anywhere within 60mm / 2.1″ that the adobe had come in contact with either the exhaust gasses or the steel of the barrel cover was functionally soft-fired brick. It needed the masonry chisel to remove. That was pretty surprising to me. I hadn’t really considered that a possibility. There was…

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