Pro DM/GM Services


Hungry to play?  Are you interested in a Dungeons & Dragons game that blends character-driven story, smart villains, a living and breathing world covered in unmarked graves, and vicious, nail-biting battles where lives are on the line?

Or how about being part of a Classic Traveller game that details the the faster-than light exploration, trade and commerce of deep space within a hundred light years of Earth?  We know we aren’t alone, but you’ve got your ship, your laser carbine, a fistful of credits and a lot of skill and determination.  You can make your mark on history.

That’s what I’m offering.

If you’re looking to expand your table-top role-play gaming experience, then you have come to the right place.

Who Am I?

My name is Michel Vaillancourt, and I’m a Professional / Paid Games Master.  I started gaming in 1982 with the original “Dungeons & Dragons Basic” and have played a myriad of games since.  I’ve written Tournament D&D modules for game conventions in the past, and have run more than a dozen multi-year campaigns, under a variety of settings and systems.

Email me at with any questions about the gaming experience I provide that is not explained below.

What are the Games?

Right now, I’m offering two options for my Pro GM Services.  These are:

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (#DnD5e) (Swords & Sorcery Fantasy)
  • Traveller (Mongoose Publishing Edition) (#ClassicTraveller) (Far Future Science Fiction)


Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

PHB Cover Art
PHB Cover Art

There are two options here;  the first is a “shared world” “West Marches“-style game, called “Shadow of the Empire of the Sun“.  Each group will be starting in their own unique “neighbourhood”, and the desires and play-styles of the player-character will drive the development of the over-all game world.  Each group will hear of the adventures of other groups in the world, and leverage the rumours and discoveries to unlock the secrets of a ruined world.  You can download the EmpireOfTheSun-DnD5e-PlayerPrimer PDF any time.

The second option is running a pre-published module.  You pick which one, and I deliver the experience within that framework that you’re looking for.

See the Rate Card below for pricing.

Classic Traveller

Mongoose Traveller Cover Art
Traveller Core Rules Cover

I have a custom campaign milieu that is my default Traveller setting, called “The Near Earth Campaign“, set in a Tech Level 10/11 transition time period, detailing a momentous series of events that affect the course of human history.  The players can either be passive spectators, or active participants in the these events, depending how they react to the news they hear and the things they discover.

Alternately, I can run a “Regina Subsector” TL15 game, based on pre-published scenarios.  You pick which one, and I deliver the experience within that framework that you’re looking for.

See the Rate Card below for pricing.

“Somewhere / Somewhen Else?”

If you’ve got a campaign or one-off scenario you’d like me to run, we can do that too.  The only “catch” maybe that you’ll have to cover my materials cost in getting a copy of the setting or scenario.  Contact me at and we can discuss.

What Do You Get?

As a Premium Experience Player, you get a few things for your hard-earned cash:

  1. If you are playing either “DnD5e: Shadow of the Empire of the Sun” or “CT: The Near Earth Campaign“, you get a story arc that will strongly feature the themes, weaknesses, beliefs and desires of your character.
  2. Roll-You-Own Character as part of the game experience, or Pre-Generated / Tailor-Made Characters for the story.
  3. Access to a Group-Only Discord Channel
  4. If you are playing either “DnD5e: Shadow of the Empire of the Sun” or “CT: The Near Earth Campaign“, then you get access to a Setting Specific Discord Channel where other players (if any) in other groups can share what they know with you.  As well, weekly “news bulletins” about in-setting events will be posted, that affect all players.
  5. Three hours of content per play session, set on whichever week night works best for the group.  See below for time slots still open.
  6. Fantasy Grounds game environment, specific to your gaming group, with “Ultimate” goodies available.

What I enjoy about this campaign, is how it feels both player driven and hand crafted at the same time. I feel like we’re influencing how the story goes, but the quality it’s done in makes it feel like a high quality published adventure, which is a great experience.

It also does a great job a keeping every player involved. It feels like everyone is always contributing. You also don’t pull your punches with encounters, but it never feels unfair relative to our situation.

Overall it’s a very immerse, well managed and fun experience that is everything I want from a campagin.

— “Chromie”, Fey-Warlock Player, DnD5e

New Player Friendly

If you are new to table-top role-play games in general, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition or Classic Traveller in particular, that is completely fine.  I am more than happy to show new players how to dive in and get immersed in this fascinating hobby that so many of us share.

Code of Ethics / ESRB Rating

My games are “Rated ‘T’ for Teen”, based on the ESRB Rating system.  That is:

  • Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

I’m a proud supporter of diversity of creed, origin, gender and orientation.  I have a three-strikes policy for paid customers who, as players, display racist, sexist or other dehumanizing language or behavior towards other Players.

While the game settings and story themselves may examine these themes via dialog and conflict from the Non-Player Characters who the Player Characters encounter, it will always be done within the scope of the story.  At any time, any Player who is uncomfortable with the situation can Private Message me via the system or email or Discord and I will immediately swerve the game away from that setting / situation.

Satisfaction Guarantee / Public Criticism

You only pay at the end of the session.  That means that you can be sure you are only shelling out for a gaming experience you want.

We live in the age of social media.  Reviews and reputation are everything.  Please discuss any issues you have with me and give me the chance to fix it before you “go negative”.  If you aren’t happy with the experience, then we can talk it out as a group and fine-tune what you are looking for.

  • I promise to take you and your gaming experience seriously and respect your opinions. I would very much appreciate if you would do the same for me.

Ultimately, if you are not happy and nothing we discuss at the end of the session will fix that, you do not have to pay.  Some times a bad fit is a bad fit and that is nobody’s fault.  So, you get the last say if I get paid and if the game continues.

Rate Card

Premium Experience Rate is $15 Canadian per hour per Player, paid via PayPal, at the end of the session.  A typical 3 hour session is $45 CAD per person.  After 50 hours of Premium Experience play, you’ll get custom artwork of your favourite in-game character as a perk.

Minimum group size is 3 Players.  If you don’t have a ready-made group in mind, I can add your name to a “Looking For Group” list and match you up with other players with similar interests and game preferences.

  • You can save $2/hour if you are OK with the game session being recorded from “The Player Perspective” and posted 1 week later to YouTube.
  • You can save $4/hour if you are OK with the games session being live-streamed on Twitch from “The Player Perspective” and posted 1 week later to YouTube.

Disclaimer: This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of fifteen dollars Canadian per hour per player, upon completion of the game session. Fantasy Grounds/Smiteworks is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

Available Time Slots

Nota Bene:  All time slots are 8pm to 11pm Eastern Time.

  • Friday Night:  OPEN
  • Saturday Night: OPEN
  • Sunday Night:  BOOKED
  • Monday Night: BOOKED
  • Tuesday Night: OPEN
  • Wednesday Night: OPEN
  • Thursday Night: OPEN

Other Game Systems

I see you’re only doing DnD5e & Traveller.  What if I want to get a group together for another system, like Shadowrun?  

— eMail Inquiry

Contact me at and we can discuss.  In general, it would be a three-game, three-player commitment, 25% down-payment.  If I do not own “the books” for the system in question, then there would also be the fee to cover my cost in purchasing the digital copy of the rules.

Ready to go adventuring?   Fill in the following form:

Thanks for your interest.  Please let your friends know I’m here, and we’ll see you at the gaming table! — Michel Vaillancourt, Professional DM/GM