Pro DM/GM Services

Who Am I?

My name is Michel Vaillancourt, and I’m a Professional / Paid Games Master. I started gaming in 1982 with the original “Dungeons & Dragons Basic” and have played a myriad of games since. I’ve written Tournament D&D modules for game conventions in the past, and have run more than a dozen multi-year campaigns, under a variety of settings and systems.

Once Upon A Time

If you’ve reached this page, you’re no doubt following an older link or article talking about my professional services as a Game Master for the Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, Cyberpunk or Star Wars Table-Top Role-Playing Games (TT-RPG). Once upon a time, yes I did that. Just last week, in fact.

However, right now, I’m unable to book new groups. I’m in the process of spinning up a TwitchTV RPG, leading into the New Year. Doing that right is going to chew up a lot of my creative time, and so for now I’m opting to focus my creative energy on that. We’ll see where it goes.

You can keep up with the news from that game via Twitter (, TwitchTV ( && and my DeviantArt page (

Contact Information

Inquires relating to Professional GM Services should be directed to: . Please expect 2 – 3 days for a reply.