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Month: December 2012

On Just Being Amazon

Post Views: 322 “At least it’s a good reason and not just Amazon being Amazon.” – Seen on Twitter I saw that come across my Twitter feed this morning, and it gave me pause. Mostly because I wasn’t sure what it meant. I know that Amazon is reknowned within Internet pop-culture for being both secretive and autocratic in it’s operations. They Just Do Stuff, often in a fashion that seems counter-intuitive to both common sense and “popular opinion”. I know that Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, has pretty much run the traditional publishing model off a cliff in the past decade. From everything that I’ve read, it pretty much seems a case of “since they wouldn’t let him join them, he decided to beat them”. I know that the Interwebs…


Are You Crew?

Post Views: 291 Well, look at that! It’s the first Friday in December! That means I have a contest to announce! Are you a fan of The Sauder Diaries? Do you think that you’d fit right in with Hans, Annika, Arrietta and the rest of the scoundrels of the Bloody Rose? Are you pretty damn sure you wouldn’t be owing anyone 10% of your pay shares? Here’s your chance! Send me an email to “”, with the subject of “I’m Crew!”. In your email, tell me what pirate name you’d use aboard the Bloody Rose; what job you’d be doing (engineer, gunner-marine, deck crew, steward, watch officer); who your favorite character is and why; and if you could get to ask them one question, what would it be?…

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The Ten Line Review

Post Views: 209 One of the issues that folks seem to have with writing a review is a feeling that they’re not qualified to do so, or don’t know how. On the first point, if you read and you know what you like, then you’re qualified. You have an opinion, and as I discussed in “Your friend left you a note“, your opinion helps everyone. On the second point, let me take a few minutes to explain how to write a “ten line review.” It’s simple a formula, but it gives folks behind you a sense of who you are and what you think of the book, and it also means you don’t have to spend an hour writing. What genre of book is this and do you…

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