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The Ten Line Review

Last updated on December 4, 2012

One of the issues that folks seem to have with writing a review is a feeling that they’re not qualified to do so, or don’t know how. On the first point, if you read and you know what you like, then you’re qualified. You have an opinion, and as I discussed in “Your friend left you a note“, your opinion helps everyone.

On the second point, let me take a few minutes to explain how to write a “ten line review.” It’s simple a formula, but it gives folks behind you a sense of who you are and what you think of the book, and it also means you don’t have to spend an hour writing.

  1. What genre of book is this and do you normally read and like this genre?
  2. How did you hear about the book, where did you buy it, and what convinced you to pick it up?
  3. Did you read it in one day, two days, a week, over a month? Was it a hard or easy read?
  4. Did you like the book? Do you recommend other folks with your tastes pick it up?
  5. What did you _not_ like about the book?
  6. Who was your favorite character and why?
  7. Without giving spoilers, what was your favorite part of the book?
  8. What is the thing that struck you most about the book?
  9. Is it worth re-reading?
  10. Do you plan on looking for more from this author?

Put all of that into a review, and most authors will be singing your praises and other readers will /liking your comments.  Even at a minute a line, it’s only ten minutes of your time and helps authors and readers alike.

Give it a try!

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