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Game Review: Blizzard Entertainment’s “Heroes Of the Storm”

Post Views: 733 Game Review: Blizzard Entertainment’s “Heroes Of the Storm” Guest Post by Jean-Michel Vaillancourt I’ve been playing Heroes of The Storm for the past week and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. It’s already a part of my daily routine to get up in the morning, have breakfast, and play a couple rounds of Heroes Of The Storm (Commonly abbreviated as HOTS). I’m also an ex-League of Legends (also known as LoL ) player, having played solo queue, duo queue, and a full team — both with and without Skype — for about two years before I quit. However, in spite of enjoying that game, never once in two years was it really part of my daily routine. It was more of a game I…

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Review – High School Musical “Rocking The Ages”

Post Views: 504 “Rocking The Ages” is an adaptation of the Broadway play “Rock of Ages”, brought into the realm of High School musical. Produced by the Montreal English School Board’s Macdonald High School, it was a remarkably well delivered show which ran from the 18th to the 20th of April, 2013. It’s a delightful and slightly risque return to an era of music that was a herald of a world in the geopolitical closure of one era and the step forward into another; the 1980s. The “80s Music” is the post-punk/ pre-rap window of time where synthesizers and sampler systems were primitive and barely portable, yet beginning to make their influence felt in pop. It was also a period of the glam-rock/ hair-band style which left an…

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The Ten Line Review

Post Views: 183 One of the issues that folks seem to have with writing a review is a feeling that they’re not qualified to do so, or don’t know how. On the first point, if you read and you know what you like, then you’re qualified. You have an opinion, and as I discussed in “Your friend left you a note“, your opinion helps everyone. On the second point, let me take a few minutes to explain how to write a “ten line review.” It’s simple a formula, but it gives folks behind you a sense of who you are and what you think of the book, and it also means you don’t have to spend an hour writing. What genre of book is this and do you…

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Your friend left you a note

Post Views: 169 So imagine you’re at your favorite indie bookstore (… you have a favorite indie bookstore, right?) and you pick up a spiffy new release that has good artwork, a compelling blurb and a quick glance inside says the writing by the author seems solid. Might be worth picking up, do you think? What if you found a note taped to the front cover from your “Best Friend Forever” (BFF) that said “OMG, read this over the w/e & it RAWKED… the main character is hawt, the action is ZOMG, the description is like a movie in my mind and I sooooo cannot wait for the next one! Get it! You’ll <3 it!” … Beyond the part where you might be questioning your friend’s sudden lapse into…

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Book Review – “The Electric City: The Stehelins of New France”

Post Views: 232 The electric city: The Stehelins of New France by Paul H Stehelin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Fantastic book for anyone interested in Canada in the Victorian Era as well as the indirect influences that Europe’s political and social issues which impacted on “New France”. Electric lights, hand-built railway systems, carving civilization from wilderness … an excellent read made better by the fact it is all true. View all my reviews

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REVIEW: “Peatsmoke & Primroses”

Post Views: 251 “Peatsmoke & Primroses” by Fiona Johnson 7 pages, 3 stories (“Love of My Life”, “Together”, “The Whisky Island”) $0.99, Amazon  First, I want to start out by saying that I normally am not into romances, beyond a while of reading my Mom’s Daniel Steel novels. I don’t think these are what most people mean by romantic short stories. They are instead, in my humble opinion, clever flights of human emotion, all related to each other by romance. Are they good? Yes. Easy to dive into, immediately engaging, sufficiently sharp to make you pay attention, and provoking. Kind of like romance-novel potato chips. Are they short? Very. Short enough, in fact, that in every case I was really felt like “where is the rest of the…

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