The Secret World – Messages from the Apocalypse

Day 2 with the Company. Sent to [REDACTED], near [REDACTED]. Zombies everywhere. Seems I am the only one who is surprised by this.  — SplitBird

Sheriff, Deputy & migrant biker remarkably blasé about my throwing lightning around.
Sheriff: “I see you are armed”
Me:  “You could say that”   — SplitBird

Left [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] chasing a nutjob wants-to-doom-the-world sorcerer. Would be trite, but all the murder & magic is deadly real. –SplitBird

One of the perks about the Company is they send you places that no one blinks about you having a machete in one hand and dripping lighting from the other. –SplitBird

Being attacked by a heavily armed merc unit in a haunted amusement park is the most sane thing to happen in past four days.  Give that some thought.  –SplitBird