Release Day: “the Ironclad Exile”

Well, it’s here. My third novel is now available on Amazon, globally, for everyone to read. For me, publishing a novel is a personally emotionally exhausting experience. Given my life experiences, I’m always wrestling with the worry about “if ‘they’ will like it” and “is it ‘good’ enough“. At the end of the day, of course, I know that ‘they‘ don’t exist and I have essentially zero control over what someone ‘likes‘.

As a writer, all I can do is my best, put the work out there, and wait for the people who love what I do to stumble upon it. So, that’s what today is; it’s out there.

If you don’t own a “Kindle” eReader, that’s OK.  Amazon provides a free-to-use software version of Kindle that makes your iOS or Android phone or tablet function like a Kindle eReader.  So, you can read “the Ironclad Exile” on your favourite device, no problem.

This book took me a while to write. In a way, I started it as part of another project — a web comic — back in 2000. The research I did back then was so depressing, with my four year old son on my knee, that I just scrapped the whole thing.

The story that I started writing about two years ago is remarkably different than the one that got published. It was supposed to be a fluffy “steampunk” adventure; call it “underwater steampunk Star Trek”.

The actual story would up a bit more ‘heavy’ than that in it’s themes and commentary. But, it’s the book that I needed to write.

I hope this story sneaks up on you. I hope it catches you by surprise, I hope it makes you think, I hope it makes you worry, and I hope it makes you laugh.

If you picked up a copy, thanks. If you take the time to leave a review, thanks again. Knowing that people are out there sharing my made-up world with me is what makes this awesome for me.

The remarkable crew of the Reclamation Service Amphibious Vehicle “Sheerah” face the greatest challenge of their careers on the ruined shores of a poisoned world.

After a major event unearths precious resources, the Reclamation Service dispatches a special mission to investigate and bring home the riches.  However, dangers lurk in the oceans, the shallows, and amongst the rusted wreckage.  Captain Hal Lum, Counsellor Ise Koolen, and the rest of the crew of the Sheerah are soon fighting for their lives against impossible circumstances.

With the course of history in the balance, far from help, the crew must find a way to survive and tell the world about the Ironclad Exile.