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Writestorm 2022

Post Views: 340 I have been working on a new novel this year. My last one, “the Ironclad Exile“, was released in February of 2018 and I really haven’t had anything to say since. I started plinking at this one as a result of weird dream I had and recalled when I woke up, back towards the end of last December. In fact, I wrote the Prologue on Christmas Eve. I did a bunch of browsing Pintrest for inspiration, but the words were just sort of stuck for the next couple of months. So, I set it aside. On the 25th of June, I knew what I was supposed to be writing. I had the meta-concept solid in my head, who the protagonists were, and my writing compass…

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Release Day: “the Ironclad Exile”

Post Views: 578 Well, it’s here. My third novel is now available on Amazon, globally, for everyone to read. For me, publishing a novel is a personally emotionally exhausting experience. Given my life experiences, I’m always wrestling with the worry about “if ‘they’ will like it” and “is it ‘good’ enough“. At the end of the day, of course, I know that ‘they‘ don’t exist and I have essentially zero control over what someone ‘likes‘. As a writer, all I can do is my best, put the work out there, and wait for the people who love what I do to stumble upon it. So, that’s what today is; it’s out there. If you don’t own a “Kindle” eReader, that’s OK.  Amazon provides a free-to-use software version of…

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Cover Reveal: the Ironclad Exile

Post Views: 836 Wow. It’s finally The Day. Ladies, Gentlemen and Non-Binary readers, allow me to introduce to you my new book, titled “the Ironclad Exile”. So, here is the eBook version of the cover: The full wrap, from the 5×8 trade paperback: The artwork is by the remarkably talented Michael J. Gallant.  You can catch up with him via his Facebook page at … he’s very good to work with.  I heartily recommend him to other artists looking for covers. From the back cover: The remarkable crew of the Reclamation Service Amphibious Vehicle “Sheerah” face the greatest challenge of their careers on the ruined shores of a poisoned world. After a major event unearths precious resources, the Reclamation Service dispatches a special mission to investigate and bring…

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