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Tag: Afterliving for Guys

“Afterliving for Guys” — Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Announcement

Post Views: 271 Hello, everyone! I’m very happy to show off the eBook cover for my new novel, “Afterliving for Guys“, a paranormal romance set in a fictional city on the Florida Gulf Coast known to its residents colloquially as “Glitter City”. In the summer of 1996, an innocent woman is murdered in a graveyard and less-than-innocent arms-dealer is murdered on their yacht, resulting in an unlikely alliance between an infamous member of the Vampire Secret Police, and a Nun from Vatican Special Forces. In the neon-and-shadow nights of Glitter City, no one can be trusted, and the lies and manipulations abound. Can Gabriel Lafleche, known by those who fear him as ‘The Fist’, and Sister Adrielle Seton, his partner-of-convenience, figure out what’s going on before counter-plots and…

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