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Category: Steampunk

Release Day: “the Ironclad Exile”

Post Views: 591 Well, it’s here. My third novel is now available on Amazon, globally, for everyone to read. For me, publishing a novel is a personally emotionally exhausting experience. Given my life experiences, I’m always wrestling with the worry about “if ‘they’ will like it” and “is it ‘good’ enough“. At the end of the day, of course, I know that ‘they‘ don’t exist and I have essentially zero control over what someone ‘likes‘. As a writer, all I can do is my best, put the work out there, and wait for the people who love what I do to stumble upon it. So, that’s what today is; it’s out there. If you don’t own a “Kindle” eReader, that’s OK.  Amazon provides a free-to-use software version of…

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