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Category: Canadian Politics

Re-Repaying A Debt To Society

Post Views: 619 So, let’s talk about Johnathin Doehanus. JD, in his youth, fell in with a rough crowd and did 5 years for weapons, drugs and violence. Probably not a nice guy, right? What if it is five years later, and he has kept his nose clean since he got out? What if he applies for a job?  He has got a record; if he says that on the appropriate place on the form and doesn’t get the job … does that mean that he is -still- paying his debt to society? One he has already served time for, supposedly? What if it is ten years later and he has a wife and two kids? What if it is fifteen years later and he is on the news…

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About Bill C-23, “armed US border guards in Canada”

Post Views: 1,455 First, go read: … this process started with the CPC government. But even that doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad. If, as a Canadian, you have never travelled by air or train into the United States, the rhetoric around this bill about “armed American guards” on Canadian soil empowered to do “strip searches” can seem pretty outrageous. Here’s the thing … if you’ve ever flown out of Halifax, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver on your way to the USA, you were already part of a similar set of rules. In fact, if you’ve ever traveled to the United States of America by car, you have voluntarily put yourself at the mercy of the exact same set of rules.  As soon as you set foot in US territory, you…

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