Shiny New Author Page

Howdy, folks. I’ve given up on Facebook for trying to stay in touch with folks interested in my writing.

Unless I’m willing to pony up about $100 per month, the best I can hope is that 10% of the folks following my “Sauder” facebook page will see it.

Twitter, in general is very hit or miss about who of the ~550+ followers get to see my posts.  My guess is that it’s about 10%, tops.

So, the first step is that I’ve rearranged my blogsite here, to have an “Author / Book Information Page” that will have info in one place about the various novels and novellas I have written or am writing.  You can find that at the “Author / Book Information Page” menu item up top.

Secondly, I’ve set up an opt-in announcements mailing system. If you want to stay informed about my books and my writing in general, here is the link:

Author Announcements Sign-Up Page

I’m expecting not more than 1 email a week to be sent out, maybe two if things are really busy.

Please tell other folks you know that might be interested, if you can, so more people see it and know it’s an option.  My biggest problem right now is getting the word out that I’m here to folks who will like the kind of writing I do.