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Posts relating to observations about being a self-employed person in the “New Economy” of the 21st Century

Shiny New Author Page

Post Views: 631 Howdy, folks. I’ve given up on Facebook for trying to stay in touch with folks interested in my writing. Unless I’m willing to pony up about $100 per month, the best I can hope is that 10% of the folks following my “Sauder” facebook page will see it. Twitter, in general is very hit or miss about who of the ~550+ followers get to see my posts.  My guess is that it’s about 10%, tops. So, the first step is that I’ve rearranged my blogsite here, to have an “Author / Book Information Page” that will have info in one place about the various novels and novellas I have written or am writing.  You can find that at the “Author / Book Information Page” menu item up…

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