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Posts relating to observations about being a self-employed person in the “New Economy” of the 21st Century

Shiny New Author Page

Post Views: 620 Howdy, folks. I’ve given up on Facebook for trying to stay in touch with folks interested in my writing. Unless I’m willing to pony up about $100 per month, the best I can hope is that 10% of the folks following my “Sauder” facebook page will see it. Twitter, in general is very hit or miss about who of the ~550+ followers get to see my posts.  My guess is that it’s about 10%, tops. So, the first step is that I’ve rearranged my blogsite here, to have an “Author / Book Information Page” that will have info in one place about the various novels and novellas I have written or am writing.  You can find that at the “Author / Book Information Page” menu item up…

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Consulting Blues – The Expensive Customer

Post Views: 193 Recently I put a bid forward on a “Request For Quotation” (RFQ) as part of my telecom consulting job.  Unfortunately, the potential customer’s RFQ was essentially “go watch this YouTube video, and build something like that.  It should be easy, so I only want to pay $200”. The video was essentially someone talking about a proof-of-concept project they had done.  None of the back-end infrastructure was discussed; it was apparently Asterisk based, and used a database of some kind to hold the relevant data.  Nor did the potential customer give any indication if they even owned their own phone system or what database technology they wanted used. I sent in a “back-of-the-envelope” price tag based on the notion that I’d have to do everything from scratch, and…

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Coffee Vs Book or Trust vs Risk

Post Views: 382 “A barista spends 3 minutes making you a $6 cup of coffee, you tip her. A writer spends a year writing a book, you complain $4.99 is too high” — Seen On Twitter I saw that tweet go by a couple of days ago, and it tied in neatly with a conversation I was having with a new author that was talking to me about my experiences thus far in this strange adventure. I’ve talked in a previous post about the cost to bring an indie book to market and why the “five buck book” is actually running a loss, not a profit. Here is the rub, though. Your reader doesn’t care. Or at least, doesn’t care -yet-. Your reader, to use a bit of sales…

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Paid Advertising For Your Book – Don’t bother, I tried that already

Post Views: 445 Back in February, I posted an article titled “More Thoughts on the Economics of Authorspace – It’s a business … who knew?” . In it, I ran through a few numbers based on my own very limited and new understanding of being an Independent author. Part of those numbers was an estimate of $450 in promotion/ advertising. It is that number and how I’ve spent it that I want to talk about. I’ll drop a table on you here in a moment, but the short version is that nothing worked. After about $400 in advertising for “By Any Other Name“, I can definably say that I got nine sales and two reviews as a result of my advertising. That is a cost per outcome of $44. Even…


“The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name”, Lazarus Edition, available for sale on Amazon

Post Views: 183 “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.” – Truckin’ by Grateful Dead I am very pleased to announce that the “Lazarus Edition” of “The Sauder Diaries – By Any Other Name” is finally now available for sale on Amazon at the price of $5.65. As I say on the “Dedications” Page: To the fans, for understanding why it was important that this be the “Lazarus Edition” and who patiently waited for the pirates & friends of the Bloody Rose to get back under sail. The current release is being advanced under Amazon’s “KDP Select” program.  That means that for now, the electronic copy will only be available on Amazon until September 09, 2012.  In exchange, it’s part of their lending library, they do a…

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More Thoughts on the Economics of Authorspace – It’s a business … who knew?

Post Views: 2,272 Alright, I am obliged to confess to being a bit embarrassed. I run a small business, and I’ve been in charge of $100k IT budgets. So I was rather gobsmacked to read an article at “Rob On Writing”  that told me I was clueless about my approach to figuring out a reasonable price for my books. Why? Well, because I’m a production shop, and I have a cost per unit and I need to know what that is. Huh? Wait, what? I’m an artist, right? A story teller? A creative spirit? What do you mean I’ve got cost per unit to calculate? Go read the article, but let me give you the short version: if you’re Indie publishing, this shit’s not free. No, really! It…


More Thoughts on the Economics of Authorspace – Book Prices

Post Views: 242 G’afternoon, folks. So, given that royalties and prices are a trending topic with a couple of author groups on FB I am a part of, I figured I’d do a bit of research and post results. I went to Amazon’s Kindle Books section for fiction and spreadsheet’ed the top 60 books on the chart. I removed any “short story” from the list, since I’m trying to sort out pricing for novella’s and wordier. I then ran averages for the blocks to determine the pricing normals. Here is what I got: Average .. Low .. High Top 10: .. $7.07 .. $2.99 .. $17.54 Top 20: .. $5.50 .. $2.99 .. $17.54 Top 30: .. $5.14 .. $2.99 .. $17.54 Top 40: .. $5.51 .. $1.99…

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A quick update about the state of progress for “The Sauder Diaries”

Post Views: 383 So I am pleased to report that my former publisher delivered both my sales numbers for December 2011 as well as my royalties today. My rate of sales for the 12 day period from the 19th to the 31st was about double my “hopeful” target, which certainly feels good. The royalties recieved will be going into financing the Book Cover Contest, for which I’ve already recieved some smashing submissions. I’m in the process of reading up on Amazon Kindle’s publishing requirements and then I’ll be moving on to Chapters and then Barnes & Noble. With the current fracturing going on in the distribution space as a result of Amazon’s decision to open its own imprint, I’ve decided to work as broadly as I can. There…