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Day: June 28, 2014

Ongoing Adventures In Aquaponics – June 2014 Edition, Part 4

Post Views: 261 One of those things that you will eventually encounter in aquaponics is fish poop. While the short term problem with fish is that they “exhale” ammonia which needs to be nitrified or diluted to avoid a fish-kill, their solids waste is the long term problem. Now, fish solid waste (FSW) is generally pretty benign to us humans. Since fish are cold blooded, E.Coli et al are not threats. However, FSW that accumulates at the bottom of a well-stirred tank begins to aerobically decompose fairly rapidly. This is a double-hammer to the fish; this processes steal dissolved oxygen (DO) from the water, and release complex volatile organic compounds. Not enough DO or too much VOC in a fish tank is a fish kill in the making.…

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