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Day: July 4, 2014

Ongoing Adventures In Aquaponics – July 2014 Edition, Part 1

Post Views: 334 Howdy folks! Welcome back to my blog series on aquaponics. In last the last post, titled “Not Quite Free” I discussed the idea that aquaponics isn’t really “free”. One of those things that I do try to keep in mind is that any my success in aquaponics is a result of “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Which is why I’m writing these blog posts. I’m hoping to help other folks who are interested in this remarkable sustainable farming technology. I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve tested some theories, and I want to make sure that anything I’ve learned or proven or tripped over winds up out in the collective record of the Internet community. Charcoal vs Biochar – The Important Detail So as I’ve…

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