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Travel Difficulty And Distance

Terrain is presumed to move, at best overland, at 5km / hour over clear roads. As terrain difficulty increases, time to cross also increases. Most “Travel Maps” are resolved at 5km per hex or square.

Terrain DifficultyTerrain DescriptionTime to Cross
( per hex or square )
EasyRoads1.0 hrs
Plains / Grasslands1.5 hrs
AverageForests / Hills2.0 hrs
Hard Swamps 3.0 hrs
Mountains5.0 hrs

“Short” day: 6h travel
“Normal” day: 8h travel
“Long” day: 10h travel

The Ranger specialty reduces the time required by 1 “Description” category for a “Short” day of travel, or one “Difficulty” category on “Normal” or “Long” days of travel.

Most travel overland is done in two-day cycles. The first night is spent sleeping alongside the road, and the second night is at a Wayhouse or a Settlement. This cycle is repeated until the traveler arrives at their destination.

Note that even most Militia units will not stray far from well-traveled roads, as the odds of encountering something unpleasant begin to mount quickly.

Random Encounter CR increases roughly equal to +1 CR per 5km distance from closest settlement or major road.