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Day: June 21, 2014

Ongoing Adventures In Aquaponics – June 2014 Edition, Part 1

Post Views: 236 Hi there! Welcome back to the blog. Back in September 24, 2013 I wrote about the “basement scale” Aquaponics system that I built. It’s been a pleasant success in proving the concept. The fish are in excellent health with no mishaps at all, and there is an abundance of green that grows at a surprising rate. There have been some interesting things I’ve figured out along the way, observations I’ve made, as well as a major change. So, I’m going to talk about that first, so that anyone following behind me doesn’t make the same mistakes. Current state of the system Firstly, the fish “tank” made from one of the plastic totes has been replaced. The problem was that while the idea of the design was…

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