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Day: July 9, 2014

FAQ – Frequent Asterisk Questions – #2

Post Views: 334 Introduction I’m a contributor at StackOverflow, answering questions concerning the Asterisk PBX system.  These types of questions, at their core, are part of my bread-and-butter work.  I’ve been working with Asterisk since 2004 and have personally deployed it successfully in 10 different countries under a wide variety of circumstances and use-cases. However, there are a few things that are just “nice to have” in the tool-kit for a starting AST PBX admin.  So, I’m going to post a few of them on my blog.  It’s paying forward for a lot of the help I’ve gotten over the years. Q: Can I “rimshot” a call to my mobile phone? Yes. This is very straight forward.  We do it for some of our customers on our Cloudphones platform, in fact.  A…

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