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FAQ – Frequent Asterisk Questions – #4

Post Views: 5,178 Introduction I’m a contributor at StackOverflow, answering questions concerning the Asterisk PBX system.  These types of questions, at their core, are part of my bread-and-butter work.  I’ve been working with Asterisk since 2004 and have personally deployed it successfully in 10 different countries under a wide variety of circumstances and use-cases. Q: I have weekly conference calls for staff.  Can Asterisk call the conference participants and add them automatically at the start of the meeting? For this to work, we need to solve a puzzle in three parts.  One of those things I tell my customers all the time is that if they can dream it up, we can get Asterisk to do it for them.  This is a classic example of what I mean. First, you need to…

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