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Day: April 3, 2017

Table Top Character Gaming – IRPG, or Slasher Movie?

Post Views: 611 When you are setting up a table-top game of any kind, as the Referee and /or Story Teller, you have a lot of design decisions to make. Tone, of course, is also important. So are setting and plot. These all define the very experience that the players are going to have. However, one of those qualities that tend to get missed is the level of emotional investment that the players should have in their characters. Some Table Top Character Gaming systems (TTCGs) are incredibly casual about character death. RECON, I’m looking at you. Cyberpunk, don’t think I can’t see you over there, either. When the guns start firing, characters start dying. Some will kill your character in the process of -making- your character; Traveller “Black Book”,…

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