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Day: June 25, 2018

Notes on the 2018 Backyard Aquaponics Build (Part I)

Post Views: 1,049 Howdy, folks.  I’m back to messing around with fish, plants and water, and being happy because of it.  As I’ve remarked before, aquaponics is as much a science project, as it is an engineering project, as it is a pond project, as it is a gardening project.  There are so many fascinating aspects to this way of growing stuff that there is always something to learn, tweak or enjoy. As a recap, this is the fourth aquaponics system I’ve built.  The first one was a small, basement “mad science” project that was to prove to myself I could do this.  The second system was the greenhouse project which was to demonstrate that I could scale a system in a meaningful way.  The third system, still running…

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