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Day: April 15, 2019

MCDM’s Strongholds & Followers Warfare, At Scale

Post Views: 1,523 I’m a fan of Matt Colville and MCDM. While I don’t always agree with Colville on everything he says, he usually has well articulated reasons for saying it. Naturally, when the “Strongholds & Followers” (S&F) project was announced, I backed it. The Heroes in my Monday night DnD5e game are hitting the end of the “Chapter” for the story, and have arrived at this game’s version of the “Battle of Helm’s Deep”. In our game, this is the “Battle for Ravenskull Valley”. I decided that we’d use the S&F “Warfare” rules to manage the battle. The players are responsible for managing the two “Allied” factions, and myself (GM) and a guest player are handling the Villian faction. In story, the Clanhold of the Ravenskull Elves…

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