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Month: May 2019

MCDM’s Strongholds & Followers Warfare, At Scale, Part 2.

Post Views: 4,374 The battle rages on for the fate of Ravenskull Valley.  In my previous post about MCDM’s “Strongholds & Followers” Warfare rules being used at scale, we had just reached the end of Round 3 when I reported in about how things were going. We’ve now reached the end of Turn 6. As a reminder, each round of S&F Warfare is 1 minute, or 10 rounds of D&D5e-scale “Encounter Battle” time under my house rules.  So, the combined forces of the Human Castle-Town of Crierton and the Ravenskull Elves have been fighting the fearsome Sundered Mountain Legion of Hobgoblins for six minutes. Using the “reaction / intercept” mechanic I introduced in my last blog post, the Heroes have attacked and defeated one of the two Seige…

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