Backyard Aquaponics 2020 – Quick Update 01

More stuff has been planted / transplanted.

I’ve moved the first batch of tomatoes out of the grow-pipes into the flood-and-drain media bed. The roots were already 20mm+ sticking out the bottom of the net-pots, so I’m glad I did that now.

New pack of tomatoes, plus some basil, added as well.
This is temporary, as I need to finish the hybrid Dutch-bucket-in-bucket system, and that will be where I move the tomatoes to. That’s likely next weekend, as I’m waiting on a couple of bags of clay pellets to be delivered.

Still, progress is progress. More updates to follow.

Flood-and-drain media bed; tomato plants, basil plants, pak-choi plants
Flood-and-drain media bed; stuff planted!
Wide shot; trellis with flood-and-drain media bed.
Fish tank to the left, connected by a trellis to the flood-and-drain media bed, to the centre. The brown and orange thing is the hybrid Dutch-bucket-in-bucket set up.

I post semi-regular video updates to YouTube, if you’d like to listen to me ramble and Muppet-flail.

Either way, feel free to leave comments and questions below. I’d love to hear from you!

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