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Ruins 45km ENE Heartwick

Old Outpost & Caves

1: Old Fort – Main Hall)

  • See: Roof has collapses. Debris everywhere. Old skeletons and suits of broken armor lay about.
    Main double doors had a up-from-floor portcullis square that is 1/3 raised and rusted in place.
    Windows are smashed out and open
  • Smell: Dust, yesterday’s rain.
  • Search:
    (DC 12) Small onyx bracelet worth 25gp.
    (DC 15) Secret Trap Door in floor.
    (DC 17) Shortsword +1
  • Encounter:
    Animated Armor (Medium construct, unaligned, CR1)
    Flying Sword (Small construct, unaligned, CR1/4 x 4)

1a: Collapsed Tower)

  • See: probably was 15m tall, now a rubble pile.

2: Cave in the Hill)

  • See: – Dark.
    – Largish cave with stone floors and walls.
    – torches don’t burn well & smoke heavily
  • Smell: Musty, stale
  • Search:
    (DC 5) 10 lbs. of copper trade bars (5 gp)
  • Encounter:
    Skeleton (Medium undead, lawful evil, CR1/4 x 5)

3: Pond Cave)

  • See: – Smaller than Area 2.
    – Darkness broken by soft purple light from glowing mushrooms.
    – Large pond bubbles in East corner of room. Walls slick with moisture.
  • Smell: Wet earth. Mold.

4: Elemental Fire Temple)

  • See: – East branch is boiling lava and fire pit.
    – North center area is glowing statue of a cross between a fire creature and an elf.
    – Glowing magic circle in NW corner of chamber.
    – Old untended and damaged altar in center of room
  • Smell: – Sulphur
    – Smoke
    – Grit
    – Heat
  • Encounter:
    Magma Mephit (Small elemental, neutral evil, CR1/2 x 3)

5: Lost Treasure Cave)

  • See: – sharp slope leading down to the cave
    – pedestal with sword on it. sword glows slightly.
    – pile of coins on floor.
    – torches don’t burn well & smoke heavily
  • Smell: Musty, stale
  • Encounter:
    Specter (Medium undead, chaotic evil, CR1 x3)
  • Notes:
    • The pedestal has Protection from Evil 3m’ Radius cast on it. The Specters cannot enter this area.
    • The sword is “Stand Against The Darkness” (see hand out)
  • Treasure Horde:
    • 1 book of elementary mathematics worth 25 gp
    • 3 lbs. of silver trade bars (15 gp)
    • gold pair of dice worth 25gp
    • 2x gold pitcher worth 25gp ea
    • ivory pair of dice worth 25gp
    • carved bone locket worth 25gp
    • ivory-framed small mirror worth 25gp
    • This Sentinel Shield (+1) is worked with dense draconic scales and precious metals, and cannot be broken by normal means.
      • (Lore DC 13) : It is the same one used in a horrible atrocity of days past.

Making Of (YouTube)

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