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Home Project – Rainwater Catchment & Storage

Post Views: 786 So as I’ve noted in a prior post, we’ve embarked on a homesteading project. One of those things that arrives as a result is chickens and a coop. The chicken coop is a pretty good sized structure with about 120 square feet (11.1 square meters) of roof. That works out to about 90 gallons of water per inch (340 litres per 25mm) of rain that falls. That seems to be an awful lot of water to waste.  So, I’ve built a small but simple rainwater catchment & storage system.  The whole project was a bit expensive, but that is because there was no rain gutter on the coop to start with. The project cost about $200, total, which is kind of steep for a DIY…

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Viva La Revolution – No, Really

Post Views: 514 The new normal So “it has begun” as the saying goes. Right now, I am living on the north shore of Prince Edward Island, Canada. There are four of us living in a wonderfully large house, and all of us in one fashion or another want to do something with the next ten years of our lives. I run a reasonably successful telecom business, and I am an internationally published author. I am working as part of an RPG game development effort. I have served with Her Majesty’s Royal Canadian Navy in a theatre of war. I have competed at an international level in sword fighting. I have some awesome friends that I am honored to know. Someone might well argue that I have “done” plenty and do…

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