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Questions From The Audience – July 18th, 2012

Post Views: 305 “Fanfic” — John Wiens While I am not sure how well I can deal with such a drilled-down and narrow-focus question, this is going to be the topic “du jour”. Fanfic is a two-word mash-up of “Fan” and “Fiction”. It’s loosely accepted to mean fiction writing produced by fans of an existing author, using that author’s story world and even sometimes characters. So in other words, if you are a fan of a 1980’s TV show called “Tales of the Gold Monkey”  and pen a short story about Jake and Sarah running into an orphan kid that they add to the crew, well that’s fanfic. You’re a fan and you’ve composed fiction set in your favorite existing setting. If you love the Twilight series, and…

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Questions From The Audience – July 4th, 2012

Post Views: 180 “With the increasing popularity of steampunk, there seems to be some backlash from some of the more old-school steampunk enthusiasts, who resent the idea of ‘just paint something sepia and put some gears on it — steampunk!’ If you have any thoughts on that, I’d love to hear them.” — Daniel Swensen Hold onto your tophats, gentlemen, and clutch your parasols, ladies, because I am afraid I have to shock you all with the revelation that we have all been here before. Seriously. One of my favorite observations on human nature is that there is no more conservative a person than a rebel the day after winning the revolution. Fandom organizations, based on my own personal observations thus far, tend to bear this out.  The…

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