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Tag: Internet Issues

We’re still online, but SOPA/PIPA could change that

Post Views: 467 As you may have heard, today many websites around world and across the Internet are “blacking out” in protest of the USA SOPA & PIPA bills. You can check the list of who is participating in the “SOPA Strike” if you like, but JKL5 is not one of them. I wish to be clear that we are staying online today because of our commitment to servicing our customers, not because we support SOPA/PIPA. In fact, if these bills pass, we will be put in a position of being shut down. How so, you might ask? JKL5 is a Canadian company that specializes in Asterisk/ VOIP systems integration for telephony, small business “hands-on” web hosting, and, of course, Persony conference server hosting. You might think that…

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