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Since you asked … How I define Steampunk

Post Views: 3,559 Recently on Twitter, someone asked me “How would you define #steampunk?”. I’ve sort of answered this question over the span of two or three author interviews on different blog sites, but I’m going to summarize and condense it all in one place. First, I want to get “politics” out of the way. To me the best way to define Steampunk is by inclusion. I prefer to be inclusive; it’s all Steampunk, unless we all agree that it isn’t. Don’t tell me this isn’t Steampunk. It might not be -your- Steampunk, but that’s okay. This is -my- take on Steampunk. It is what I understand based on what I see the fans and advocates at Cons, concerts and meets talking about as cool. Now that we’re…