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Backyard Aquaponics 2020 – Quick Update 02

Post Views: 886 The strawberry tower is finally set up, and sleepy plants are in, as of Saturday. Most of them are already looking much less dormant as of this morning. The tower, as you can see, is full of “hydroton” clay pellets; there are 4 “bays” per tier, with five tiers. That gives me space for 20 plants, which is what I’ve done. I had a handful of plants left over, so they’ve been planted in the green horizontal flood-and-drain pipe running horizontally at the top of the image below. The awkward plumbing is actually the out-spout end of a typical bell-siphon. There is a 710ml pop-bottle being used for the “bell” over a 25mm SCH-40 PVC stand-pipe, which then drops down to the “T”. There is…

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