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Tag: Rails 3.x

Testing your Ruby/Rails 3.x Model with Cucumber

Post Views: 756 So I’m working on a Ruby/Rails development project for a customer, and using TDD/BDD from word “Go”.  The weapon of choice here is Cucumber.  I know some of the more serious code-cutters prefer RSPEC, but I just like the “feel” of Cucumber. Naturally, part of the job includes ensuring that the various Models in the project pass very basic tests, such as if they are defined properly.  In RSPEC, you can use a solid set of tools to do that, but Cucumber is much more “View” centric in the MVC than it is good for peeking at the Models. So, for amusement, I decided I’d work out a simple Feature and Step set that can be used to verify a project Model. The Cucumber Feature…

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Application Programming With Ruby-Rails 3.x – SSL Securing WEBrick

Post Views: 215 I know I normally talk about my writing, or even my personal philosophy, on this site, but I do have a life as the owner of an IT consulting company.  Part that involves doing custom application programming for our clients. I’m currently working on a call center applet for a customer.  Because of the nature of the work, I opted to ensure that the connection was SSL secured from WEBrick out, avoiding possible issues with connection security before the proxy. I found an excellent blog post on the task that reduced it to a cut-and-paste solution.  I figured I’d share the link for anyone else that might need the information in the future: Chris Rohr: Configuring Webrick To Use SSL Thanks, Chris!

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