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World Of Warships New Carrier Game Play : It’s fun, and it’s bad.

Post Views: 1,445 Game Balance Vs Fun Balance For Everyone is Hard So I’ve been playing the heck out of Wargaming’s ( recently revamped game-play mechanic for aircraft carriers in their World of Warships ( game. I played 8 games in “Co-Op” mode, and then went to “Random Battles” using the Tier-4 “IJN Hosho”. It was a heck of a lot of fun and much more accessible to me as a player than the previous “WoWs As StarCraft” system had been.  However, something was … off. Specifically, my damage.  I was struggling to break 10k damage.  This is a relatively trivial target number, incidentally.  A single citadel strike from a battleship or a couple of torpedo hits from a destroyer will yield that kind of result.  With much…

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