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Day: November 15, 2012

Your friend left you a note

Post Views: 187 So imagine you’re at your favorite indie bookstore (… you have a favorite indie bookstore, right?) and you pick up a spiffy new release that has good artwork, a compelling blurb and a quick glance inside says the writing by the author seems solid. Might be worth picking up, do you think? What if you found a note taped to the front cover from your “Best Friend Forever” (BFF) that said “OMG, read this over the w/e & it RAWKED… the main character is hawt, the action is ZOMG, the description is like a movie in my mind and I sooooo cannot wait for the next one! Get it! You’ll <3 it!” … Beyond the part where you might be questioning your friend’s sudden lapse into…

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