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You Need A GM Sheet

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So, a while ago on my Twitch Channel, I made the assertion that you need a “GM Sheet“. If you’re a Games Master / Story Teller for a Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) group, and you don’t have a GM Sheet passed out to your players, and then periodically reviewed for currency, you aren’t just lazy. You’re straight-up doing it wrong.

I’ve been told, both directly and indirectly, that an awful lot of LGTBQA+ and BIPOC / WOC folx hear alarm bells ringing if a GM/ST doesn’t have or, even worse, doesn’t know what a GM Sheet is for.

Sample Page from my GM/ST Sheet

This is something that’s been in the TTRPG community for about five years now. As a DAWG GM/ST, it was only something I found out about two or so years ago, as a result of paying a lot more attention to those aforementioned groups on Twitter.

In the aforementioned livestream, I promised that I would make my personal GM Sheet available, as well as a blank version that you can use for yourself, or forward to your GM/ST for them to use. Mod it. Tweak it. Make it be more you. That’s the point. This version is for me.

Link – My GM/ST Sheet : This is a PDF. Take a look. Ask me questions, if you want. Either here, in the comments, or on Twitter. Now that I’m on this train, I’m happy to pass out tickets and help others get aboard.

Link – The Blank GM/ST Sheet: This is a “MarkDown” format plain text document. Save it to your hard drive. Open it in your favourite text editor. Now head over to “The Homebrewery” at “NaturalCrit” and copy-paste that file into the left side. Edit to taste. Save. Export as PDF. Schedule time at the start of your next gaming session discuss it with your players. Email it to them the day before so they have time to read it. Ask for corrections and feed back. Ask if they disagree with anything.

Congratulations. You’re already a better GM/ST, with better understanding and expectations between you and your players.

As always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed; either here in the section below, or via email, or via Twitter, or on my Sunday morning Twitch stream . Cheers!

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