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Category: Telephony

Quick Hacks: Asterisk account codes, Ruby programming, and the Freshbooks API

Post Views: 679 I put together a quick hack last night that will help with managing truant accounts on JKL5’s “Cloudphones” SMB VoIP PBX. Ostensibly, it’s a pre-paid service for small to medium businesses, as well as a couple of residential customers. However, we have a couple of problem accounts that require checking on the accounts payable report followed by a few nagging emails to get to pay their bills at the 45 day mark. In each trunk and phone configuration, I have the customer’s company name set as the “Account Code” for any call they take or make. In an IAX2 trunk, it looks like this: [example_incoming_trunk] type=user username=1112223333 context=call_router requirecalltoken=yes accountcode=jkl5group [example_outgoing_trunk] type=peer secret=some9797numbers username=1112223333 accountcode=jkl5group With something like a SIP phone, it’s just as easy:…

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Clever Call Recording With Asterisk PBX

Post Views: 2,757 In addition to being an author, I’m also a telecom/ linux geek.  Someone recently posted on “StackOverflow” that they couldn’t find a good “how-to” on call recording for Asterisk PBX systems. I’m not convinced they looked too hard, but I figured it would not take me too long to post one up.  This works with both Asterisk 1.4.x and Asterisk 1.8.x.  YMMV on other revs. Please note that this post is written for someone that has a basic understanding of Asterisk call routing and dial plans.  If you don’t have that, I strongly recommend you take a read of: So, let’s get started: Add a line like this to your outbound dial route and your inbound dial route: same => n, Macro(do_call_recording|${MACRO_CONTEXT}|${CRS_ID}|Outbound)…

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