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Glitter City Knights / Spring Castle Legacy — Art Piece

Post Views: 93 Blue day.Ouch day. So, Art day.WIP, but fun so far. Missing a couple of characters (hello, Reaper Twins?) and need to adjust scales of individual characters for better fit … but … it’s a start.I think it’s a good start. For those of you unfamiliar, any character done in black and white is dead; most likely a member of the Afterliving. Jessica (bottom right) is both color & BW because she’s technically both alive and dead at the same time; a Necromancer. Constance (bottom left, third from left) is almost luminescent / surrealist because she is so full of life / magic; a Magi. Both novel series are available at If you have read any of these novels, and recognize any of these characters,…

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