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Glitter City Knights / Spring Castle Legacy — Art Piece

Post Views: 27 Blue day.Ouch day. So, Art day.WIP, but fun so far. Missing a couple of characters (hello, Reaper Twins?) and need to adjust scales of individual characters for better fit … but … it’s a start.I think it’s a good start. For those of you unfamiliar, any character done in black and white is dead; most likely a member of the Afterliving. Jessica (bottom right) is both color & BW because she’s technically both alive and dead at the same time; a Necromancer. Constance (bottom left, third from left) is almost luminescent / surrealist because she is so full of life / magic; a Magi. Both novel series are available at If you have read any of these novels, and recognize any of these characters,…

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Afterliving for Artists — Cover Reveal & Pre-Order

Post Views: 120 So, “Afterliving for Artists” was the third novel in the Glitter City Knights series that I got started on in 2022. In fact, the first draft was finished in 2022, totalling over a quarter-million words written for the year on this series. It’s now up for pre-order on Amazon, with release day as February 14th, 2023 — Valentine’s Day. I’m very happy with how the cover art turned out; here’s the results of a lot of work: Back Cover Blurb:Early winter in Glitter City, 1996. Every where else on the Gulf Coast might be finding it chilly, but for the city’s Unwilling Orphan Alumna Afterliving, things are starting to warm up nicely. Anoki Kuwari is a young artist with big hopes for his tattoo and…

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