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Tag: Ruby 1.9.x

Quick Hacks: Asterisk account codes, Ruby programming, and the Freshbooks API

Post Views: 704 I put together a quick hack last night that will help with managing truant accounts on JKL5’s “Cloudphones” SMB VoIP PBX. Ostensibly, it’s a pre-paid service for small to medium businesses, as well as a couple of residential customers. However, we have a couple of problem accounts that require checking on the accounts payable report followed by a few nagging emails to get to pay their bills at the 45 day mark. In each trunk and phone configuration, I have the customer’s company name set as the “Account Code” for any call they take or make. In an IAX2 trunk, it looks like this: [example_incoming_trunk] type=user username=1112223333 context=call_router requirecalltoken=yes accountcode=jkl5group [example_outgoing_trunk] type=peer secret=some9797numbers username=1112223333 accountcode=jkl5group With something like a SIP phone, it’s just as easy:…

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